A Gem-wise Guide To Buying A Diamond

Gold comes in different colors. Yellow gold is traditionally the most popular color and it is also the most abundantly available color. Sometimes gold is bonded with other metals to change the color. White gold is a popular alternative to silver. It does not tarnish or bend as easily as silver and will last a lot longer. Rose gold is also popular and is a metallic pink toned metal. Color altered gold can change over time if it is worn every day, so keep that in mind when selecting the gold that suits your taste and skin tone.

Buying pink wedding ring alternatives price may be overwhelming at first but you should not worry. Once you get expert advice, the whole process will be easier. You can also design an engagement ring yourself with all the love, care and affection you feel for your wife to be, if she accepts your proposal that is. But don’t worry, with the kind of ring you will buy or custom make for her, she will be swept off her feet and say a very big “yes” to you.

Some men give unique engagement rings such the cushion cut to show to the girl they love how unique his love towards her is. Such a romantic man. Although there are also cushion cut engagement rings that are cheaper or have a lower price, it all depends on the gemstone that will be used.

Watch the video on the left-hand side of the page to see the casual, fun banter between Ashley Hebert and Chris Harrison. It’s obvious these two became good friends during her time on the Bachelorette 2011. At the end of the show, which isn’t in the video, they joked about the recent engagement story in life & Style. While there was no ring on Ashley’s finger, neither of them ever denied she was engaged.

Perhaps the best known of the 4 Cs, Carat is a measure of the size of your diamond. Each Carat is divided into 100 points, so a gem that is 50 points is 0.50 Carats.

Here is a tip for you to find out the ring size of your girl without asking her about it. The best way is to try getting aye of her ring while you visit her home or ever better to ask your mom-in-law to get her ring and inform her about your surprise. Surely your mom-in-law would be more than happy to maintain this secret until the time you break it with a surprise. Or you can ask for her ring while you are talking casually and wear it in your fingers to see the size- this will surely give an idea of her size. What next? Go to a good jewel shop and start selecting the best custom made designer engagement ring for her.

Every one of these factors can change the value of your stone. People tend to think that Clarity is the most important character in a diamond, but it is the color and cut that make a diamond truly unique.